accelerate marketing homepage layout

This WordPress development project required construction of a front page, as well as About, Contact, Archive, and Blog pages. To view, username: demo / password: c2d5dc

This whack-a-mole type of game was created with a Mother's Day theme, and built using JavaScript.

Guess the Number has the player guess what random number the computer has chosen, then displays an image and reports whether the answer was right or wrong.

This JavaScript game presents 3 random shapes that the player clicks as quickly as possible to see how fast they can react. Both current reaction time and lowest time are displayed.

shocked brown and black dog with wide eyes

One of my custom 404 page designs. Why not give people something interesting to look at?

This simple Minecraft mod, written in JavaScript through the use of ScriptCraft, creates a tower of up to 20 levels, complete with a doorway and roof. Note: this image links to the file on github.

gray cat's face zoomed in on one blue eye with content displayed on right side

And, of course, this site! Be sure to check out its 404 page design!


This environmental blog, Even Green Boots Leave Trails, examines methods used to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, providing both instruction and insight into various options.

Undiscovered Tomes seeks out and reviews the works of independent science fiction/fantasy authors whose eBooks have yet to generate high amounts of online reviews.

Santa's Letter is the first short story within the Holidays Beyond the Veil series.

Caron's Egg is the second installment of the Holidays Beyond the Veil series of short stories.